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User Management:
The User Management enables the administrator to create user accounts. Once the user account is created, it can be managed too.

Why should you use User Management?

  • Create user users
  • Assign role to the newly created user and managed the roles
  • Delete users
  • Get the information about the particular users last login date, activities and last password information

Access to viewing and managing SageFrame portals is controlled by User Accounts and web site Roles. The basic concept is that users can be permitted to view pages and modules, as well as edit pages and modules by adding to one or more web site role(s).


  • Administrators can create user accounts for any person, or they can enable site visitors to register themselves for a user account.
  • Once a user has an authorized user account, they can access all pages and modules that are restricted to members of the Registered Users role.
  • Individual users can be granted view and/or edit permission to page or module.
  • All users who are a member of a selected role can be granted view and/or edit permission to page or module.

First of all, we should be familiar with the roles that different types of editors play
Module Editors: A Module Editor is any user who has been assigned permission to edit one or more modules.
Page Editors: A Page Editor is any user who has been assigned permission to edit one or more site pages. Page Editors can manage module content and module settings on all modules on their pages. They can also add child pages below their pages.
Administrators: An Administrator is any register user who is a member of the Administrator web site role. Administrators can manage all page and module content on the site.

1.3 Overview of Role Based Access to Pages and Modules
Here we can know how different roles are assigned for the access of Pages & Modules

Anonymous Users: These are users who are visiting the site but have not logged in to the site. These users may or may not be registered on the site. This is public access.
Registered Users: A Registered User of the site. Registered Users are able to manage their User Account online, and may also belong to one or more security roles.
Administrators: Administrators have the ability to edit all content and pages within a single site.

2.Add User:
Step 1: Navigate to the Administration>Admin>User Management or select user management from the control panel.
Step 2: Click on Add User .Add user icon is located at the top left hand corner as shown in the figure below:
Step 3: Fill up the basic information and click on Next
Step 4: now comes the step for roles management. Select the role you want to provide to the particular user. The site default roles along with the roles added by the administrator/super user are displayed.

Details of the roles:
Site Admin: Members of this role have full access to manage this site.
This includes the following permission:

  • Access for roles management and user management
  • Manages pages and modules on the site
  • Manage the site; change the appearance of the site, set up the basic settings like title, keyword and meta tag

Registered User: Every Member who is registered to this site is a registered user.

  • Access to the pages and modules visible to the registered member only
  • Download the SageFrame installation file and other related free software.
  • Download the user manual and the other documents

3. Edit user
The personal details, user roles, password and user profile of the select users can be edited.

From the list of users selected the one you want to edit.

3.1 Edit User Information:
The screen as shown above will appear Just click on the field you want to edit. The basic information such as the user created date, last login date, password changed date and date on which the last activity was performed is displayed at the right hand side. Don’t forget to click on update after you are done.

3.2 Edit User Roles:
From here the roles previously assigned for the user can be modified.
Select the roles:
Just select the roles from unselected and drag the arrow facing towards right

Select the roles from selected and drag the arrow facing towards left

3.3 Change Password:
Administrator has the authority to change the password of the users they created. This can be done by selecting change the password and entering the new password. Make sure that the new password you entered and the retype password match with each other. If not then error message will appear.

3.4 Edit User Management:
You can edit the use profile by Selecting the User Profile and making changes to the field you desire.

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