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SageFrame search Extension Is one of the power full function to make the search more convenient. The default, simple search engine can be extended according to the user’s requirement. All Users have to do is to add the store procedure in search extension management. Hence, the SageFrame centralized search box will include the content of that newly added store procedure in the search result.

Follow these steps to add the search extension:

Step 1: Go to admin>search extension- OR-Select Search Extension from the control Panel.

Step 2: Click on the Add New 

Step 3: Input the store procedure name of the module or any extensions you want to put in the search engine.

Once saved you will be able to search the content of the added extension from the centralized search box, which is located at the home page by default. 



When the normal user types the word in the search box, it will search everywhere, from the default content of the web application to the content of the procedure added later.

 Here in our example I have added the procedure of Forum, so the content of the module will be searched too. For e.g. if someone wants to know the prerequisite required installing the SageFrame and the typed word prerequisite required in the search box, the forum will be searched too and if content matched , it will be displayed.

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