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Access to view and manage the content (pages and modules) and settings of all portals is controlled using role based access. By associating a user's account with one or more roles (also called Security Roles) you can permit or deny them access to view and/or edit site pages and modules.

1.Default User Categories:
By default there are four categories of user listed,categorised as :super user, Anonymous user,site admin and registered user.

Super User: Super user is at the top level.Super user has the authroity to control everything on the site.Administrator of the site cannot create the super user.
Anonymous User: These are users who are visiting the site but have not logged in to the site. These users may or may not be registered on the site. This is public access
Registered User: those user group who need to be registered to download software or other related materials. Once a user has an authorized user account, they can access all pages and modules that are restricted to members of the Registered Users role. They are able to manage their User Account online, and may also belong to one or more security roles.

Site Admin: Administrators have the ability to edit all content and pages within a single site.

2.Add new role
Step 1: if the site administrators need to assign roles other than the default roles, he can do it easily just by clicking add new roles.

Step 2: The screen shown as below will appear. In the Role name enter the name of the role you want to add.

Step 3: Click on save button and you are done.

The role you added will be displayed in the list of the users shown in the figure below.

Note: the roles you added later can be deleted easily but the default roles cannot be deleted.

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