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SageFrame Page Management is an administrative module for adding new pages, update existing pages or deleting pages. The module also offers a great variety of additional settings updates like page permissions settings (View and Edit permissions based on role and also based on user name), advance settings, other settings and Page Module settings

1. Adding a New Page
Step.1 Locate the admin tab in the navigation menu and choose 'pages' subcategory from the drop down menu and add a new page.

Step.2 Basic Settings will be displayed. You need to enter the basic details about the page you want to add.

1.1 Basic Settings Fields and Details:-

Page Name: Enter the name of the page you want to add

Parent Page: 

Case 1. If you want to add the page as sub category of another page then enter the name of the parent page 

Case 2. If you want to make it as a parent page then leave it as <Not Specified>

Before: if you wish to insert this page before any pages then specify the name of the page in insert page

After: if you wish to insert this page after any pages then specify the name of the page in insert page

Add to end: if you wish to insert this page at the end then you don’t need to specify the page

Include in Menu: Click on the check box if you want the page to include in menu

Is Shown in Footer: Clicking on the check box will display the page at the footer 

Page Title: Enter the title of the page, which will be displayed at the top when users click on the page.Good title always helps in SEO!!

Description: Enter the description of the page

Keywords: Enter keywords for the page


2. Page Permission Settings

Step 1. Next step is to set up the page permission settings. From here you can authorize the user groups and particular user to view/edit the page.

Step.2 Go to  'Add page or Manage Page Modules' and click on 'Change Module Permission'

Step.3 View Permission: User group under the selected box will be bale to view pages and the user group under the unselected box wont be able to view page.Users can change the permission through the control present in the middle.

Step.4 Edit Settings: User group under the selected box will get the authority to edit the pages and the users group under the unselected box wont be able to edit the page.

Step.5 You can set controls for the particular users too. Search for a username or add username by entering the name in the search box.


3. Advanced Settings

This section covers the advanced settings related to the page.Brief details of each field in this section is described as below:

Icon: User can choose the icon for the page. The icon chosen here will be displayed at the menu.

Refresh Interval: The page will be auto refreshed at the time interval specified here.

Start Date/End Date: As per your requirement, you can keep the particular page active for the duration you desire. The page will be active from the start date you entered and will  be deactivated at the end date.

Link URL: You can redirect the page to the URL you entered.All you need to do is check the link URL radio button and enter the URL at the box below the radio button.


4. Page Module Settings

Add Module:- you can add an instance of the module to any newly created page. All you need to do is follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on Page Module Settings

Step 2: Click on ADD New Module

Step 3: fill the details of the listed filed. The brief description of each field is described as below:

Module: Select a module from the list of modules. 

Module Title: Enter the title of the module.

Visibility: Visibility can be set module wise too.

Same as Page will extract the same visibility settings you set for the page.

Page Editors only: this option will enable only the editors to view the page.

Show in all pages: This option will display the modules in all pages.

Pane: Here you can set the position of the module.

Insert: Choose the position of the module to be displayed from the combobox.


Step.4 After you have configure the settings, click on 'Add Module to a page' and 'save' 

The modules you just added will be display in the list of page module which is located in the page modules settings. You can logged in at any time and change the settings.

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