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New Users can directly create a user login by following few easy steps of user registration. Meanwhile Administrators can manipulate the settings for the user registration. For instance they can use registering using a verification code, Private user registration, public registration and none registration method.

1. Sign up to become a registered user of the site

1.1 Click on the ‘Register’ button placed at the top-right corner of the website. It opens the ‘User Registration’ page.

2. Complete all the fields in the User Registration Page.
2.1 User Info
a. Put in your ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’ and ‘Email Address’. Make sure you put the email address that is used on a regular basis. Notifications and alerts related to Sageframe will be sent in the same email address in the future.

2.2 Create Login
a. Fill in the text box with the desired Username. Username is private and cannot be changed.
b. Fill in the text box with a unique password and confirm the same.
c. Fill in the security question and an answer. It will be helpful for password retrieval.
d. Enter the Captcha (security code) for the verification.

2.3 Tick mark to subscribe for newsletter.

2.4 Click to create your user account.

3. Signing Up as a Registered User with a Verification Code
Once the registration is complete, users will be sent an email with the Verification code. The first time they login, they are asked to enter the verification code, if they are verified correctly; they are given access to your site as a member. Once they are verified, they no longer need to enter the verification code.

4. Signing up as Private Registered User
When a user registers, the administrators will approve the user registration to grant them with access.

5. Logging In and Out

5.1 Logging into a site
Click in the login module at the top right corner of the website or navigate to an account login module.
Enter the Username and Password and click in the sign in button to complete the log-in process.

5.2 Logging Out of site
Click ‘Logout’ link which is placed at the top right corner of each page.

6. Retrieving a Password
If you forget your password, you can have a temporary password sent to your email address by clicking in the ‘Forget password’ link in the ‘login’ page.
Click ‘Finish’ button to go to the ‘login’ module.

7. Troubleshooting Login Failed
Login was successful? ‘Username and Password combination doesn’t match! Will be displayed

8. Troubleshooting Failed Password Retrieval
The following messages may be displayed when the password retrieval fails:-
Username and Password didn’t match: Retry with a different Username and Password or email the administrator for the further assistance.
Username or Email Address didn’t match: Enter a different Username or a Password or email the administrator for assistance.

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