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How to install Sageframe CMS 3.5 in godaddy

Apr 19, 2015 at 12:12 PM
sageframe support team am installing sageframe 3.5 installed zip file in godaddy server but installation wizard is taking more time at installing database script its almost 1hr it has not finished the installation what might be the problem please help me is there any settings i need to make to install it ? please let me know its important
Apr 23, 2015 at 12:21 PM
Dear Sir,

There seems to be an issue with MS SQL server while hosting SageFrame sites on GoDaddy server. The database could not be exported properly to the server. In order to solve this issue you could follow the following steps:
SageFrame >> Install >> Providers >> SqlDataProvider >> 1-3.5.sql -> Replace this script with your schemas
SageFrame >> Install >> Providers>> SqlDataProvider >> 2-3.5.sql -> Replace this script with your data from your local database and save those files.
Then go to SageFrame >> version.config and make <add key="IsInstalled" value="false" /> (if it is initially “true”).
Then you can upload your zip file to the server and host your site as in other servers.

The above type of issues like getting stuck at running the database scripts is due to the fact that the database is not properly scripted. So, please make sure you have extracted your Schemas and Data properly from your local database and make sure you don’t have the words like ‘USE [master]’ or your previous database name on your generated script.

If possible try running your Schemas and Data first on your local. If you could run your generated sql scripts (Schema and Data) on your local without any error, then try going on the server.

Best Regards,
Support Team