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To all dear Valuable Users

Nov 23, 2012 at 4:53 AM

Dear all Valuable Users,

We are gratified to announce that SageFrame 2.0 has been downloaded for more than 11,000 times from Codeplex. This indeed is a remarkable achievement . It has further encouraged our SageFrame team to work harder to provide better experience to all SageFrame users.

This is truly an auspicious moment for all the Content Management System (CMS) users. They now have one more viable CMS option.

As the number of SageFrame users continue to grow; SageFrame will become more stable and free from bugs.

Thank you, everyone, for the trust that you have placed on SageFrame. To all other users out there, hope you won’t miss this opportunity of using SageFrame.

Wait for NeXT great release to get more exciting Features and modules and marvel at its use.

Keep us giving your new ideas, options and feedback to make it more easy and robust.

Thank you all, Cheers