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After the success of SageFrame 1.0, SageFrame 2.0, SageFrame 2.1, SageFrame 3.0, SageFrame 3.1, SageFrame 3.5 and SageFrame 3.6, SageFrame 3.8 is here itching to marvel you with a better version than its predecessors.

This release focuses on features suitable mainly for designers with features that enhance the existing ones. The attractive features for this release include creating modern layout where the users can create their own customizable layouts and containers. They can also incorporate their old codes here in SageFrame layouts. The second feature is the addition of theme options from where the users can generate customizable themes to give their sites a dash of their own flavors. The development team always aims to work and produce the best CMS that is easy to use with great flexibility and this version release is not different.

From now on, all the source code for the latest release from SageFrame is available on github. So, feel free to utilize this opportunity and also share your part for open source projects. Just click on the link mentioned above. 

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