SageFrame is a powerful Content Management System (CMS) built on top of ASP.NET. A rigorous research and analysis has led to the development of SageFrame. The main objective behind the development is to provide a highly comprehensive management system that helps web developers and designers accomplish projects with ease and efficacy. From novice personnel to seasoned professionals, SageFrame caters every developer group enabling them to easily build various purpose web sites and applications in an effective way. In addition to its easy user interface, site optimization features and page management system, SageFrame contains all other necessary ingredients required to give your site the added dynamism over its competitors.

After the success of SageFrame 1.0, SageFrame 2.0, SageFrame 2.1, SageFrame 3.0, SageFrame 3.1 and SageFrame 3.5, SageFrame 3.6 is here itching to marvel you with a better version than its predecessors. With features suitable for the developers and beginners in SageFrame, this version provides a number of new major features like Module Maker, Suspended User, Page Role Settings & Dashboard Role Settings along with some minor features like, Module Loader, Dynamic Bundling and Database Backup & Cleanup Script. The Module Maker helps to create modules from SageFrame reducing days of repetitive coding to just a few hours. Suspended User lists the user IP addresses after 6 wrong login attempts. Page Role Settings accumulates all the portal and admin pages in one place so that the access for view and edit can be done from a single page. Dashboard Settings allows the superuser to grant access of dashboard to other users like registered users. Dynamic Bundling enhances the loading speed of the site. Database Backup creates a database backup file and saves it for later use whereas the cleanup script will erase all the user modules and portal pages with only the admin pages and home page remaining. For this release, the development team has mainly focused on developing features that are helpful for the developers in the backend making the CMS a successful one. 



Notable Features

  •          Module Loader
  •          Module Maker
  •          Suspended User
  •          Page Role Settings
  •          Database Backup
  •          Dashboard Permission
  •          Clean Script
  •          Payment Gateway Settings.
  •          User Import/Export.
  •          Application Upgrader.
  •          Online Module Installation.
  •          Scheduler.
  •          Modular architecture. On demand module integration and selection.
  •          WYSIWYG editor.
  •          Highly customizable design. Layout design in SageFrame is XML based.
  •          User friendly template manager and an online template editor.
  •          Drag and drop widget feature.
  •          User friendly as well as developer friendly URL management.
  •          Responsive Design/ adaptive banner
  •          Multi-Parent Portal support
  •          JS and CSS bundling
  •          SEO friendly website management
  •          Core Integrated OpenID
  •          Cache Management and Site Analytics
  •          Visual layout Manipulation
  •          Personalized Dashboard
  •          To-Do-List
  •          Page-Help
  •          Premium modules
  •          Rich Templating

Useful Links

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Free Templates


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